Toraighyrov University Journal. The Pedagogical Series

Name: журнал, Торайғыров университетінің хабаршысы. Педагогикалық серия / ВестникТорайгыров университета. Педагогическая серия / Bulletin of Toraighyrov University. Pedagogics series

The main goal of the Journal:is to report the results of scientific research on the theory and practice of educational organizations, institutions of secondary, higher and postgraduate education to the general public and researchers, both inside Kazakhstan and abroad.

Priority areas:

1) Modern technologies and methods of teaching;

2) Inclusive education;

3) Ideology and character education in the pedagogical process in educational institutions;

4) Psychological and pedagogical support of the process of education in educational institutions;

5) History of pedagogy, ethnopedagogy and comparative pedagogy.

Publication frequency: Once a quarter

Owner: Toraigyrov University non-profit joint-stock company

Publication language: Kazakh, English / foreign languages, Russian.

Distribution territory: Republic of Kazakhstan, countries across the former Soviet Union and beyond

Publication: online

Toraigyrov University Journal has been published since 1997. Until 2001, it was published under the title of PSU Scholarly Notes (Uchenye zapiski PGU). In 2020, the university changed its legal status from a republican state enterprise with the right to engage in economic activities to a non-commercial joint-stock company. As a result of that of that, the name of the journal was changed to Toraighyrov University Journal. The main thematic focus is the presentation of the results of scientific research. The publication is registered at the International Centre for the registration of serial publications ISSN (UNESCO, Paris, France).

Latest issues

Выпуск 3 2021 г.
Выпуск 2 2021 г.
Выпуск 1 2021 г.
Выпуск 4 2020 г.

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